本文摘要:Hi-Tech Fabric Charges Devices On The Run – Literally!


Hi-Tech Fabric Charges Devices On The Run – Literally!衣服化身充电器Over the past few years, researchers have come up with many innovative ways to use human kinetic energy – from powering soccer fields to playgrounds and classroom lights. Now some scientists want to take it to the next level with a new fabric that harnesses everyday motion to power personal devices!过去几年,从尝试自发电球场和操场到教室灯触,科学家仍然致力于找到利用人自身运动产生能源的新方法。现在,一些科学家想要更进一步研究出有可以通过日常活动给电子产品电池的新布料。

The brainchild of a team of scientists from South Koreas Sungkyunkwan University and Australias University of Wollongong, the electricity producing fabric takes advantage of the Triboelectric effect (TNG). Also known as friction energy it is the electricity created when two different kinds of surfaces rub against one another.韩国成均馆大学和澳大利亚乌龙岗大学的科学小组联合打开此研究课题,发电的布料主要靠的是摩擦生电原理,即由有所不同的两面相互摩擦产生电力。While this sounds complicated, it is something we have all encountered. Remember the age-old trick of rubbing your head on a balloon to make your hair stand up? That is the triboelectric effect.As the surfaces rub together, the electrons move from one surface to the other. This leaves one object negatively charged (balloon) and the other positively charged (hair). Since opposites attract, the electrons in the hair leap toward the balloon causing it to stand up.虽然听得一起无以了点,我们平时生活中都遇上过。还忘记那个用气球在头上摩擦后不会使你头发而立一起的小把戏吗?那就是摩擦生电原理。


当两面摩擦时,电子从一面传遍另一面。就造成了一个物体是负电极(气球)而另一个是正电极(头发),由于异性相吸,头发上的电子就朝着气球“跳跃“过去,然后就造成纹路粗壮。The WNTG not only eliminates the need for batteries, but also looks and feels like a regular fabric. An issue was that repeated wear or a trip to the laundry machine would wash away the silver and zinc coating. The researchers solved this problem by covering the layers with a thin film of plastic. In their laboratory trials they were able to use the fabric for more than 12,000 cycles.科学家研究的这种可穿着摩擦发电布料不仅替换了电池,看上去也和常规的布料没什么两样。



Sang-Woo Kim and this team who reported their invention in the March ACS journal say that the fabrics use goes beyond charging personal devices. They believe it could also be useful in a range of biomedical and other personal healthcare gizmos that need a reliable power source.Sang-Woo Kim和他的团队在三月的ACS周刊上报导过他们的发明者,上面说道这种布料用处远非局限于给个人电子用品电池,他们坚信在必须平稳电源的生物医疗和其他个人身体健康小装置上都能大展身手。译文科香蕉英语原创,专供自学和交流用于,未经许可,切勿刊登。