With open offices being so popular these days and distractions pretty much everywhere you look, it can be difficult to find a personal space to gather your thoughts. But with the Thought Box, a $650 cardboard and fabric box that you put over your head, you can enjoy some personal place anywhere.敞开式公司办公室近几年来很流行,在这类公司办公室下班了,四处全是令人走神的事情,要想找寻能专心致志思维的个人空间了解难以。


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Cba竞猜-双语科技百科(物理) 第37期:中国传入西方的机械技术

Chinese Mechanical Inventions that Contributed to the World中国起源于西方的机械技术A common stereotype is that the Chinese have traditionally lacked scientif-ic and technological ability,despite the four great revolutionary inven-tions of paper making, printing, gunpowder, and compass that have essentially changed the world. However, Chinese people have made a lot of other significant mechanicalinventions besides the famous four, providing the source of many of the prerequisite technologies of modernity. From the 6th to the 15th century, China was the world’s most technologically advanced society.在很多人心目中,传统的中华文化或许缺少对科学技术的应用于,可事实并非如此。